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Cathedral Construction

Cathedrals are HUGE buildings that took hundreds of years to build and that sometimes get up to 500 feet. The cathedrals were beautiful christian churches that were built mostly out of huge stone and stained glass and all contained the seat of a bishop. The cathedrals were all over Europe with people that worship God inside. The most common form of cathedrals is the Romanesque. The Romanesque has better supports that are called flying buttresses and sometimes they would have gargoyles on them. A gargoyle’s purpose was to divert water away from the cathedrals and to scare off demons.

Cathedrals were created in the year 313 by a guy named Charlemagne after he converted to Christianity. Even though they were created so early the most famous ones were built in the time period of 1000-1600AD.

Cathedrals were built because they were a reflection of Gods glory and faith. Many people just wanted something to do so they decided to help the construction. The sense of accomplishing things also got people moving and motivated.

The Senior Clergy often led and financed the building of cathedrals. Most labor was done by paid laborers. Some of the paid laborers were; highly skilled workers, quarry men, plasterers, mortar-markers, stone cutters and masons. Many of these people work their whole lives on these cathedrals.

Cathedrals are still standing today but they are not near as beautiful as they once were. Now they are crumbling to the ground one decade at a time.


Lesson 40 Essay

In this essay I will be covering lessons 36-39 of my history class. The lessons were on Alfred the great, Otto I and the Holy Roman Empire, the East-West Schism and the Battle of Hastings.

King Alfred the Great
King Alfred the Great was the king of Wessex from 871-899. He was the youngest brother of four. Before he could get the crown all of his brothers and their father had to pass away. Eventually they did and he got the crown. He had many achievements; among them was defeating Gunthrum (a Danish king), reorganizing the military, building a fleet of long ships, creating a code of law and his greatest-reviving education. Alfred the great is remembered as a great because he saved his people from the Vikings and the Danes.

Otto the First
Otto I was a Saxon duke and a German king (at his dads death) who ruled starting in 936. In 951 he rescued the Queen of Italy and became king of Italy as well. In 962 he was crowned emperor of the newly created Holy Roman Empire by the pope in exchange for protecting the pope from uprisings. He created something called a vassal. A vassal is kind of like a noble who is forced to be one. Otto’s sons passed away so he needed another one for an heir. Otto soon married Adelaide (Queen of Italy) and had a child, the child was a boy and made heir. Eventually the Hungarians invaded Germany but Otto defeated them. He got everything ready in a flash and demolished the Hungarians. Otto was a good but selfish emperor in his rule but he helped shape the country.

The East-West Schism
The East-West Schism happened in 1054 and it was the separation of the Roman Catholic Church into the East church and West church. It happened in Rome when some people wanted to shut down Latin church so they split. The west church believed the pope had power but the east thought bishops and laymen had power. The split was not good for the church and didn’t do good for anything else. But there was just too much friction between them, and it would be bad if someone got killed over it.

The Battle of Hastings
The Battle of Hastings was fought in 1o66 because William of Normandy claimed that Edward (an earlier king who had passed away) owed him the crown but he gave it to Harold. The Battle of Stamford bridge was where Harold and his men invaded England. Then right after that, there was the battle of Hastings and that is where the Normans attacked Harold. The Normans killed Harold with an arrow through the eye. The Saxons were so tired that they lost. That battle started Norman conquest, and from that point on the Normans ruled England.

This series of events really helped to shape our world as we know it. They might be unfortunate but they are important.

I hope that you liked my essay please follow for more.



Viking culture

Vikings are supposedly terrible and bloodthirsty animals, but are they really?

To know about vikings you might need to know what viking means, the word viking means seamen and expeditions it is crazy. To go into further depth the word seamen means “a person whose trade or occupation is assisting in the handling, sailing, and navigating of a ship during a voyage, especially one below the rank of officer; sailor” and the word expedition means “an excursion, journey, or voyage made for some specific purpose, as of war or exploration”. So it seems only fitting for people who travel all of the time. The vikings mostly used two ships called the long ship and the knarr. The knarr ship has a deeper, wider and shorter hull than the long ship. A runestone is a place marker kind of like a grave stone but with more purposes. How much do you think that vikings have affected us as modern people? A big fat 0? A few things? Or loads of stuff? LOADS OF STUFF! Two examples are the days of the week, and Thor. My favorite misconceptions are helmets with horns, and being grousome barbarians. Vikings actually pride themselves on being clean, they are farmers and agricultural and they took frequent baths.

Vikings are pretty bad to the bone and violent but they were still clean and had food in their stomachs. From now on change the way you look at vikings, look at them like you would anyone.



This essay will be about 1 of the 3 civilizations that I learned about this week (Byzantium). I think that Byzantium should not have fought so many wars, I bet if they didn’t they could still be ruling.

Justinian made a specific set of rules called the code of Justinian. He thought they were fair and some people agreed but others didn’t. He built this marvelous cathedral called the Hagia Sophia.

There was series of wars that went on between Persia and Eastern Rome (Byzantium). The cause of these wars was because they couldn’t agree on what land was whos.. At its strongest Byzantium controlled all of North Africa, Italy, Greece, Asia Minor and parts of the Middle East. Byzantium lasted a year longer than the Western Roman Empire. The greatest ruler of Byzantium was Justiniah from 527-565. His collection of laws was called the code of Justiniah. A riot (Nika riot) was after him and he almost fled but he and his troops stayed and won in the end 30,000 people died in that riot.

Hericlius was the emperor after Justiniah died. The empire began to decline after this and in 800AD the emire became a country. A cool thing is greek fire, it is a fire that can burn under water and we are coming close to recreating this the Greeks used this to repel Constantinople.

Dracula’s Mentor

Write a one to two page essay on the following topic:
The early church fathers shaped the early church by their teachings and the example of their lives. Who is someone you know who has shaped you by their teachings or example? Explain why this person has had such an important impact on you life.

But since today is Halloween I’m going to change it to “how this person impacted Dracula’s life.”

“Where are we going now Mr. Man?” asked Drac.
“How many times do I have to tell you? Call me Boogie Man!” said Boogie.
“Sorry, I’m just so exited for my first day of training.” said Drac.
“Well, you should be because today I’m going to teach you how to fly. But first sign here… here… and here…” said Boogie.

Boogie and Drac climbed up to the top of a fifty foot tower and Boogie through Drac off. Drac was falling and falling and falling  until-Poof! A large cloud of dirt exploded. Ten minutes later Drac, along with his mom (Miley Cyrus) and dad (Jeffery Dahmer) were in the famous V.O.S.T hospital, or Vampires Only Specialty Treatment.

“Is he going to be okay doctor?” asked Miley.
“Well there is bad news and good news, what would you like to hear first?” asked the doctor.
“The good news.” said Jeffery.
“I just now found 50 big ones! Oh, and your son can be healed if you pay me… or after 5-10 centuries. The bad news is it will be 700,000 dollars each century you want to knock off the time.” said the doctor.
“Well, we only have $1,800,000.”said Miley and Jeffrey at the same time.
“Well, we can take that and knock off 2.5 centuries off his time in a coma.” said the doctor.

The 700 years it took to get Drac up from his coma went by fast. In that time they fired Boogie, sued the place that had that huge tower for every thing they owned and made the land much safer so something like that never happens again.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” said Drac the day he woke up from his coma. “Don’t do it!”
“What is it honey, what happened?” asked Miley.
“The day that boogie pushed, me he told me that he would’ve killed for that to happen to him instead of me and then I blacked out. How long has it been since then?” Asked Drac. “700 years.” Said Jeffrey.
“Well I need to tell you something, he didn’t kill and it didn’t happen to him so now I’ll kill him.” said Drac.

To be continued.


“Drac how did it make you feel when you got thrown off of that tower?” I asked.
“Terrible! Who would do such a thing? I was only 100 years old.” said Drac.
“So would you say you are now an emo vamp or still a warm-hearted vamp?” I asked.
“Part way both because now I have a beautiful daughter and a grand son who is half human but he definitely impacted my life and everything I have done.” said Drac.
“Interesting so you have started a life because of this experience?” I asked.
“Yes I realized that you can not live forever, even vamps can’t.” said Drac.
“Ok well lets give our interviewer a round of applause.” I said.



History Lessons 6-9

India had mountains and plains in early times the main 2 civilizations were Harappa and Mohenjo-Dara. India had TONS of rules and regulations for example suttee, child marriage and caste system. Gupta dynasty took over in 320AD and the ruler was Chandragupta II.

China had the Himalayas in the south the Gobi dessert in the north and rivers and valleys in the core also china had a large coast line. China had 5 major dynasties. They were Xia (no records), Shang (had organized cities, cruel king and slaves), Zhou (no established kings), Qin (strong government, brutal slaves, Great Wall of China) and Han (reunited country, increased territory of China).

There were 2 civilizations that developed in North Americas the Hopewell and the Anasazi the Hopewell buried their dead in huge burial mounds. The Anasazi built homes called pueblos (villages). the biggest building in North America was the Pyramid of the Sun.

The Celts were the most populous group in Europe. The Celts left no records what we know about them came from the Romans. In my opinion the coolest thing about the Nazcas were their drawing click here to see a humming bird  here to see a spider  here to see a monkey.


History Lessons 1-5

Lesson 1 – Intro

Lesson 1 was the intro and  it talked about what we will be doing for example; the history course will cover 500AD-600AD. We are required to write an essay (like this one) every 5th day because it is the glue that holds everything together chronologically. The trigger event is like a gun once you pull the trigger that action can NEVER be taken back. The reason for the world tour is so we can understand what is going on outside of the place we are studying. The 4 MOST important points the I will be learning about in each lesson is; geography of each civilization, scientific or other intellectual advancements, chronology of events in Europe as they relate. The definition of history (in my teachers opinion) is “history is the work of God and will in time and space.”

Lesson 2 – World tour (Middle east)

  • Babylon was the strongest empire at its peak
  • Babylon was soon conquered by Persia
  • During the 1500 years from 1000BC-500AD most of the Middle East was ruled by
    *Alexander the Great
    there are few remaining marks of these empires


  • Founded by Muhammad


  • Science
    *clock & base 60 (time)
  • Diet
  • *fish
  • There are 100 solders in a Century (type of army) the leader is called the centurion

    Lesson 3 – World Tour (Greece)

  • Greece was made up of the Minoans who were peaceful and the Mycenaean who were war-like
  • Minoans owned the island of Cyrus  for some time
  • Greeks began on the coast but difficult weathers  made them move
  • The Dorians created the language Greek
  • Greeks began trading and colonizing throughout the Mediterranean
  • the colonies that were established each had their own government
  • The city states often worked toward common goals but were loosely connected politically.  Eventually democracy began in Athens.  The Greek states all joined forces when threatened by Persia
  • The biggest rivalry was between  Athens and Sparta

    Lesson 4 – World Tour (Africa)

  • The Nile River is the LONGEST river
  • Africa includes every type of climate except tundra


    *Ruled by pharaohs for most of existence
    *Golden age was marked by the defeat of the Hytsos
    *After Alexander the Great the Ptolemimies ruled Egypt for nearly 300 years
    *Cleopatra VII was the last sovereign ruler of Egypt before the Romans


    *South of Egypt
    *Mostly free of Egypt


    *Began around 500BC
    *Ruled by a strong line of kings