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Viking culture

Vikings are supposedly terrible and bloodthirsty animals, but are they really?

To know about vikings you might need to know what viking means, the word viking means seamen and expeditions it is crazy. To go into further depth the word seamen means “a person whose trade or occupation is assisting in the handling, sailing, and navigating of a ship during a voyage, especially one below the rank of officer; sailor” and the word expedition means “an excursion, journey, or voyage made for some specific purpose, as of war or exploration”. So it seems only fitting for people who travel all of the time. The vikings mostly used two ships called the long ship and the knarr. The knarr ship has a deeper, wider and shorter hull than the long ship. A runestone is a place marker kind of like a grave stone but with more purposes. How much do you think that vikings have affected us as modern people? A big fat 0? A few things? Or loads of stuff? LOADS OF STUFF! Two examples are the days of the week, and Thor. My favorite misconceptions are helmets with horns, and being grousome barbarians. Vikings actually pride themselves on being clean, they are farmers and agricultural and they took frequent baths.

Vikings are pretty bad to the bone and violent but they were still clean and had food in their stomachs. From now on change the way you look at vikings, look at them like you would anyone.



Essay 2 First Aid

For a conscious choking adult and child you would put the thumb side of your hand over the bellybutton but below the ribs and rotate your hand as you move your hand up and in. For a conscious choking baby you would turn the baby over on your knee and support the head and give 5 hard back slaps then 5 chest compressions look in the mouth to see if there is the object if so sweep out and if not repeat until food gets out of the mouth.

The way to help someone who is unconscious and choking is just doing CPR but look into their mouth before giving the rescue breath and sweeping out the object if you see it but if you don’t see the object give a rescue breath and if that doesn’t go in then reposition the head and try again if it doesn’t go in repeat this cycle until you can see the object and sweep it out when it does come out continue with CPR.until help arrives or until the patient wakes up.

Some common side affects of shock are decreased level of conscious, angsty, chilled and cold, pale and clammy, rapid breathing or pulse and low capillary refill. To treat shock, elevate the legs at the knee then cover the patient up or keep them warm some other way. Every few moments check for responsiveness by shouting and tapping

To help bleeding wrap a tight bandage and start the furthest from the heart and wrap towards it. You don’t take the bandage off you only add to it. To properly wash your hands you should use germ-x unless you have physical stains on your hands then you wash your hand for 60 seconds at least with warm water and soap.

2017 Semester Goals

This semester, I want to be completely caught up to where I am comfortable for the semester of 2017. In algebra, I would like to complete algebra II by May because I have had my mind on doing that since the beginning of the school year. I would also like to read at least two more books in English because that is very reasonable. I also want to finish the history unit because this history course(7th grade) is very interesting. Finally, I would like do 2 more units in science because that would get me almost caught up in science.

I have chosen these goals based on what is accomplishable and reasonable. Personally, I think this would be going above and beyond in school. Accomplishing these goals would be awesome, and would be a good start to a new year.

My personal goal is to achieve the goals that I set for myself. The second goal that I have set is to learn how to cook. Another personal goal is to get fit and healthy for football. The last personal goal is to be optimistic and generally to do more things. For example; do more chores, more school work, play outside more, etc.

I set these goals for a reason. That reason is to better myself. If I accomplish these goals I will be a different man, a stronger man.

In conclusion goal setting is important and I don’t merely think I will accomplish these goals any better with this paper, I know it. If you are goal setting don’t copy my goals! Set your own. Thank you for reading.

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court

Written by: Mark Twain

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court depicts it’s time period pretty well but not perfectly. For example, you can’t travel back in time, and it’s never happened, but more or less it follows history. There are forty-four chapters total; I read all of them. Following is my completed summary.

Hank(a 18th century yankee) was hit on the head and suffered a concussion which makes him time travel back to the 6th century, where he was then captured by a knight. He was taken to the prison to be later executed. Hank soon remembered a historical event that saved his life. The event was an eclipse that happened the exact date and time of his execution.It helped him because it made people think he is a higher being. King Aurther named him the new magician of Camelot. To secure his place as the magician, he blew up Merlon’s tower with “magic” (explosives).
The next day Hank went around Camelot and stopped at a gladiator ring. Somebody explained how it worked and why. Eventually Hank started rising up in power until he was second in command to the king himself . He started schools, churches and Sunday Schools.
One girl named Sandy came to the castle to ask for help, because 45 girls were stuck in this castle and the king told Hank to take a look. The journey was rough because Hank’s armor got too hot, it started storming, and bugs were eating him alive. In the morning, Hank figured out that the so-called “girls” who were trapped were actually pigs, so they left the pigs and went to eat breakfast, and it was 3 pennies(which was a lot)!
While Hank and Sandy were walking, Hank asked Sandy to tell him everything that she knew about these two knights and she just kept talking and talking and talking. They eventually walked to Arthur’s sisters castle. She hated Arthur; in fact, she threw them in jail just for saying his name. While they were in jail, they set prisoners free and changed the executioner’s mind. That made him decide not to be an executioner any more.
After they got out of prison Hank had the idea of giving the pigs to people who are broke, but Sandy said that they shouldn’t be caged.
When Hank got back, he dressed the king in peasants clothing, cut his hair, and they went about pretending to be peasants to see what its like in other people’s shoes. They went as far as making the king act like a peasant himself.
The king and the Boss (Hank) were walking around as peasants when they came across this desolate land that had a mother dying from smallpox, a girl on the roof that was dying from smallpox (that the king soon got down with his bare hands(touching someone with small pox could kill you)And by that he showed tremendous bravery)and a dead guy sitting in a chair.
The next day the king and boss came upon a burning house, everybody inside looked crazy. There were people being hung, people getting locked up in cells and people chasing people out. It was terrible but the king told a knight and they stopped the catastrophe!!!!!!
The king and boss spent the night at a peasant’s house and in the morning they helped a boy by saving his life who got hung but was not dead. They got him down before he died. They discovered him after teens came running out of the woods screaming.
Later while walking in a foreign land the king and the boss were almost captured by knights but they narrowly escaped and were hunted by dogs as they ran and hid.
After their escape, the king bought a nice trinket and people thought that it was stolen because they looked like peasants. They soon got arrested by the police and were almost sold as slaves but the boss broke out, tried to take the key to rescue the king but failed and still got away.
The king was waiting in line to be hung at the last moment… the knights zoomed in on their bikes and the boss shouted “GET DOWN EVERY ONE OF YOU THESE ARE MY KNIGHTS AND THIS IS THE KING! BOW DOWN BEFORE HIM.” The king went home with the knights but the boss stayed.
After The king and boss got home a civil war was going on because Lancelot didn’t agree about a queen being sent to the stake by the king. To end the war Hank planted explosives around everything he had built, and things went according to plan and the civil war stopped. Hank saw someone injured and Hank went to help but the guy stabbed Hank(it was not seriously bad). Eventually all of the remaining people who stayed in Camelot caught a plague except the boss who slept for 600 years untill he was back in his own time.


(English lesson 15 essay)

“Uhgg, I hate you!” said Michael. “Well good night.” said Michelle, his mom. “Whatever…I,I,I wish that I never had to see you again.” said Michael.

Meanwhile: “I’m sorry, mom, I took one look after another and before I knew it, I had read the whole book.” said Billy. “That is no excuse! I told you to read half of a chapter, not the whole book! I wish I didn’t have a son.” said Kelly, Billy’s mom.

The next morning when Michael and Billy woke up they weren’t in the same world, country, continent, state, or anything; but worst of all, they weren’t in the same body.

“Billy get up… NOW!” said Kelly. “Shut up! I’m not Billy, I’m Michael!” he said. “Oh and by the way, NO READING!” said Kelly

“Michael, honey, are you ready to get up?” said Michelle. “Yep. And it’s Billy” said Billy. “Also, can you do some reading today?” asked Michelle. “Would I!” said Billy happily.

The next day Billy (Michael) went out side and saw hover boards, hover cars, jet packs floating buildings and houses. Right then and there he fainted.

Meanwhile Michael (Billy) saw cars driving on the roads people having to walk. Billy didn’t like it, so he went back inside and… BOOM! Frying pan to the head.

When they woke up, they where back in their own time. From then on, they ALWAYS listened to their parents.

Tom Sawyer

      This week in English we talked about plot development points. The exposition, the rising action, the climax, the falling action and the resolution. This book report is on Tom Sawyer. I will be talking about the plot points in the story in order.

      The exposition is where the characters are introduced. In this case it is in the very beginning of the book. It reads: Tom Sawyer- a kid full of spunk,  Aunt Polly-Toms aunt, Sid Sawyer- Toms half brother, Cousin Mary- Toms cousin and etc. with all of the characters.

      The rising action builds tension towards the climax. The rising action starts in this particular story when Joe kills the doctor and blames it on Potter. The middle of the rising action is when Huck and Tom find Joe with a lot of money, and then they find more buried. The end (or the beginning of the climax) is when Huck over hears Joe talking to his partner, saying something that sounds like they are going to kill Widow Douglas.

      The Climax is when ultimate tension is reached. The climax is very similar to the rising action. As I stated, the plan with Widow Douglas was carried out and the result was…

      The falling action resolves the tension. The plan with Widow Douglas was a FAIL. It went down like this: the Welshman ran over to her house, guns in hand, and in an instant guns were being fired and it scared the criminals off.

      The resolution is the conclusion. In the words of the author, the story ends because if it didn’t the author would be writing about a man not a boy.