In this unit you will learn all about trekking. You can use trekking knowledge by going backpacking, camping and many other outside activities. I am going to be backpacking in McKittrick Canyon TX with the knowledge that I will learn about backpacking. We will be learning about camping in the next unit.

The Endurance Expedition is a very famous expedition that was not finished but was famous for what the men had to go through. I bet they had a back packing plan. To make your own backpacking plan you have to have the 5 following items; description of route (permit, topographical maps), team members (pace setter, navigator, sweep, group leader, ect.), day to day schedule, emergency plan and list of food. Learn about essential gear for ultra light thru-hiking and multi-day base camp hiking.

To choose the right backpack you have to know what you want. Do you want a big, heavy bag or a smaller, lighter bag? The long hunter is smaller than the NICE frame and the battleship but is cheaper. The Battleship is the best but a little more expensive.

Sleeping bags are like backpacks, you have to know what you want. There is down fill that is expensive that you have to keep dry but those are very warm and very light. There is also synthetic fill that is warm while wet, bulky very warm and they are less expensive.

Shelter is very important for backpacking and camping. There are multiple types of tents, you have big and small pop-up tents and small and large various types of dome tents. By small and large I mean from 1 person to 16+ people.

Backpacking, cookware and stoves are crucial for backpack camping if you don’t have the daylight or time to make a fire. For most cook stoves all you do is turn a knob but some you have to have a fire to use.

Water treatment can save your life. For example if you were dying of thirst and you came across a pond you would want to take a drink but you would get sick and die just as fast.

The multipurpose-tool is a luxury iteam and that means you don’t have to have it but it would be nice to have because of its light weight it would be easier to carry than having all of the tools that you would have.

A good survival knife is a very important item if you are backpacking because you can skin fish, create a spear to fish, you can protect your self and the list goes on and on. If you do get a knife you want to keep it sharp so I would also invest in a sharping block hard or soft.

Axes will cut wood, and wood can burn, to burn you have to have fire, and fire keeps you warm, and warmth will keep you from getting hypothermia, hypothermia will kill you so, all and all get an axe.

Flash lights and batteries can be useful while trekking in the dark and lighting up your tent and other lighting activities. Batteries are another luxury item unless you will be going on a very long trail or hike like 10 plus days.

Signaling devices are a necessity if you will not be within walking distance of other people or cities. Otherwise it is just extra weight.

Fire starting tools obviously start fires which are the best while camping. Fires are great for light, fun, warmth and friends. Which as I mentioned in the axes section you need warmth.

Medical kits are very important and could save your life in the wilderness. You should have at least items for bleeding, allergies and sickness in your kit. If you want you can have luxury items. Luxury items include tweezers, anti-itch cream, cough syrup, sleep medicine ect.

Selecting a compass is harder than you would think. You have to take in mind what you want. Do you want a fancy one or a cheap one. It is all up to you.

The layering system is a simple system that help you keep your weight low and your comfort high. You have a synthetic shirt, a fleece, a warm jacket and a rain jacket.

Before you get some hiking boots you know that the harder the bottom the better because you might step on something sharp and it could hurt you with soft bottoms so keep that in mind.

A rain jacket is less than more an essential item but if you can you should get one.

Trekking poles Are super useful they can flick snakes out of your path, help with stamina and help to not fall off a cliff. There are cork handle ones, rubber and aluminum. There are also different lengths and some that extend.

Back packing is fun if you have the right gear.


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