Lesson 40 Essay

In this essay I will be covering lessons 36-39 of my history class. The lessons were on Alfred the great, Otto I and the Holy Roman Empire, the East-West Schism and the Battle of Hastings.

King Alfred the Great
King Alfred the Great was the king of Wessex from 871-899. He was the youngest brother of four. Before he could get the crown all of his brothers and their father had to pass away. Eventually they did and he got the crown. He had many achievements; among them was defeating Gunthrum (a Danish king), reorganizing the military, building a fleet of long ships, creating a code of law and his greatest-reviving education. Alfred the great is remembered as a great because he saved his people from the Vikings and the Danes.

Otto the First
Otto I was a Saxon duke and a German king (at his dads death) who ruled starting in 936. In 951 he rescued the Queen of Italy and became king of Italy as well. In 962 he was crowned emperor of the newly created Holy Roman Empire by the pope in exchange for protecting the pope from uprisings. He created something called a vassal. A vassal is kind of like a noble who is forced to be one. Otto’s sons passed away so he needed another one for an heir. Otto soon married Adelaide (Queen of Italy) and had a child, the child was a boy and made heir. Eventually the Hungarians invaded Germany but Otto defeated them. He got everything ready in a flash and demolished the Hungarians. Otto was a good but selfish emperor in his rule but he helped shape the country.

The East-West Schism
The East-West Schism happened in 1054 and it was the separation of the Roman Catholic Church into the East church and West church. It happened in Rome when some people wanted to shut down Latin church so they split. The west church believed the pope had power but the east thought bishops and laymen had power. The split was not good for the church and didn’t do good for anything else. But there was just too much friction between them, and it would be bad if someone got killed over it.

The Battle of Hastings
The Battle of Hastings was fought in 1o66 because William of Normandy claimed that Edward (an earlier king who had passed away) owed him the crown but he gave it to Harold. The Battle of Stamford bridge was where Harold and his men invaded England. Then right after that, there was the battle of Hastings and that is where the Normans attacked Harold. The Normans killed Harold with an arrow through the eye. The Saxons were so tired that they lost. That battle started Norman conquest, and from that point on the Normans ruled England.

This series of events really helped to shape our world as we know it. They might be unfortunate but they are important.

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