Cathedral Construction

Cathedrals are HUGE buildings that took hundreds of years to build and that sometimes get up to 500 feet. The cathedrals were beautiful christian churches that were built mostly out of huge stone and stained glass and all contained the seat of a bishop. The cathedrals were all over Europe with people that worship God inside. The most common form of cathedrals is the Romanesque. The Romanesque has better supports that are called flying buttresses and sometimes they would have gargoyles on them. A gargoyle’s purpose was to divert water away from the cathedrals and to scare off demons.

Cathedrals were created in the year 313 by a guy named Charlemagne after he converted to Christianity. Even though they were created so early the most famous ones were built in the time period of 1000-1600AD.

Cathedrals were built because they were a reflection of Gods glory and faith. Many people just wanted something to do so they decided to help the construction. The sense of accomplishing things also got people moving and motivated.

The Senior Clergy often led and financed the building of cathedrals. Most labor was done by paid laborers. Some of the paid laborers were; highly skilled workers, quarry men, plasterers, mortar-markers, stone cutters and masons. Many of these people work their whole lives on these cathedrals.

Cathedrals are still standing today but they are not near as beautiful as they once were. Now they are crumbling to the ground one decade at a time.


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