Lesson 116

For a first aid kit you will need something to stop a lot of bleeding: non-adhering dressing or bandages, surgipad, surgical dressings, medical tape. Telfa bandages for smaller wounds. Having something to adequately stop bleeding while you wait for help may save someone’s life.
Supplies to clean wound(s): 5 ml test tubes for hydrogen peroxide. Alcohol swabs.
Supplies for repairing a wound if you are out in the wilderness: single-edge razor or scalpel. Medical sutures.
Any medications that you need (label bag). Cotton balls. Band aids for minor cuts and scraps. Transparent plastic kit bag to fit all first aid supplies.

Lesson 117

Three signs of heat exhaustion are dizziness, headache and fever. Three signs of heat stroke are unconsciousness, blurred vision and rapid shallow breathes. Three signs of hypothermia are cold, pale and low body temperature. The primary steps to treating heat stroke are calling 911, cooling the patient down and comforting them. The primary steps to treating hypothermia are warming the patient up and calling 911.

Lesson 118

The difference between a second-degree and a third-degree burn is a third degree burn makes the skin chalky and white and a second degree burn is just blisters and maybe redness. You treat a first-degree burn by cooling it down. You treat a second-degree burn by cooling it down, putting it under the sink for 10-15 minutes and if it is bad enough call 911. You treat a third-degree burn by cooling it down, calling 911, putting it under the sink for 10-15 minutes and rapping it in plastic rap. Three ways to prevent burns from occurring in your home are be careful, have protecting gear on and have supervision. Higher sunscreen SPF not sufficient for protecting your skin because it doesn’t get any better than SPF 50.

Lesson 119

If there is a fire in your house roll out of bed onto floor; don’t stand up if there is smoke or flames in the room. Feel door with the back of your hand to make sure that it is not hot. If door is hot or if you see flames do not open the door Crawl out of your house or building.


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