History 25 Essay

Islam is a social, political and religious system. Islam has a long and interesting history; and it is still a dominant religion with one fifth of the world’s population as it’s followers. Muhammad’s visions were the start of the new religion. He had a big role to play and he played it well.

Muhammad was considered a profit of his god. He was born in Mecca the year 570 AD. His early life gave no indication of how influential his life would be. At the age of forty he began having visions he believed were from god. In Mecca he tried sharing his message but it was not accepted. He soon traveled to Medina. In Medina his message was accepted. His visions were starting point for the creation of Islam.

Islam spread over the course of many centuries through immigration and conquest. It spread rapidly from the Arabian Peninsula. It soon reached as far as India in the east and Spain in the west. Islam spread mostly through jihad which is “holy war” where Muslims force conversion or death. Muhammad eventually convinced many of his followers to travel to Medina and covert it to Islam. One of the new rules that came with moving was you had to travel to see the Ka’ba shrine in Mecca as he once had.

Muhammad died in the year 632 at the age of 63. The next leader, or caliph after him was Abu Bakr, who was his father in law. The caliphs after him were Umar, Uthmah, and finally Ali. Islam split into two sects, the Sunnis and the Shiites. The Sunnis believed that Abu Bakr was a good choice for leader. The Shiites believed that Ali was the first true leader.

The Ottoman Empire was a huge, long lasting Islamic empire that was inspired by Islam. It soon replaced Byzantium in the 1500’s as dominant in that part of the world.

Muhammad had a big impact on the Islamic culture, without him there would probably not be an Islam religion today.


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