Viking culture

Vikings are supposedly terrible and bloodthirsty animals, but are they really?

To know about vikings you might need to know what viking means, the word viking means seamen and expeditions it is crazy. To go into further depth the word seamen means “a person whose trade or occupation is assisting in the handling, sailing, and navigating of a ship during a voyage, especially one below the rank of officer; sailor” and the word expedition means “an excursion, journey, or voyage made for some specific purpose, as of war or exploration”. So it seems only fitting for people who travel all of the time. The vikings mostly used two ships called the long ship and the knarr. The knarr ship has a deeper, wider and shorter hull than the long ship. A runestone is a place marker kind of like a grave stone but with more purposes. How much do you think that vikings have affected us as modern people? A big fat 0? A few things? Or loads of stuff? LOADS OF STUFF! Two examples are the days of the week, and Thor. My favorite misconceptions are helmets with horns, and being grousome barbarians. Vikings actually pride themselves on being clean, they are farmers and agricultural and they took frequent baths.

Vikings are pretty bad to the bone and violent but they were still clean and had food in their stomachs. From now on change the way you look at vikings, look at them like you would anyone.



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