Essay 2 First Aid

For a conscious choking adult and child you would put the thumb side of your hand over the bellybutton but below the ribs and rotate your hand as you move your hand up and in. For a conscious choking baby you would turn the baby over on your knee and support the head and give 5 hard back slaps then 5 chest compressions look in the mouth to see if there is the object if so sweep out and if not repeat until food gets out of the mouth.

The way to help someone who is unconscious and choking is just doing CPR but look into their mouth before giving the rescue breath and sweeping out the object if you see it but if you don’t see the object give a rescue breath and if that doesn’t go in then reposition the head and try again if it doesn’t go in repeat this cycle until you can see the object and sweep it out when it does come out continue with CPR.until help arrives or until the patient wakes up.

Some common side affects of shock are decreased level of conscious, angsty, chilled and cold, pale and clammy, rapid breathing or pulse and low capillary refill. To treat shock, elevate the legs at the knee then cover the patient up or keep them warm some other way. Every few moments check for responsiveness by shouting and tapping

To help bleeding wrap a tight bandage and start the furthest from the heart and wrap towards it. You don’t take the bandage off you only add to it. To properly wash your hands you should use germ-x unless you have physical stains on your hands then you wash your hand for 60 seconds at least with warm water and soap.


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