2017 Semester Goals

This semester, I want to be completely caught up to where I am comfortable for the semester of 2017. In algebra, I would like to complete algebra II by May because I have had my mind on doing that since the beginning of the school year. I would also like to read at least two more books in English because that is very reasonable. I also want to finish the history unit because this history course(7th grade) is very interesting. Finally, I would like do 2 more units in science because that would get me almost caught up in science.

I have chosen these goals based on what is accomplishable and reasonable. Personally, I think this would be going above and beyond in school. Accomplishing these goals would be awesome, and would be a good start to a new year.

My personal goal is to achieve the goals that I set for myself. The second goal that I have set is to learn how to cook. Another personal goal is to get fit and healthy for football. The last personal goal is to be optimistic and generally to do more things. For example; do more chores, more school work, play outside more, etc.

I set these goals for a reason. That reason is to better myself. If I accomplish these goals I will be a different man, a stronger man.

In conclusion goal setting is important and I don’t merely think I will accomplish these goals any better with this paper, I know it. If you are goal setting don’t copy my goals! Set your own. Thank you for reading.


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