Science (Fitness)

In this unit I will be talking about “All the things that you probably do wrong every day.”

The first lesson is about sleep. Getting enough sleep is important why but too much sleep is bad. An average teen needs 8-11 hours of sleep and an adult needs around 7-10 hours of sleep. It depends on your age.

As you all know, water is important, but how important? Studies show that in order to get enough water you divide your weight in half and that is how much water you should drink in ounces. Did you know that when you exhale you are releasing water particles. Your body is around 75% water.

Sitting for long periods of time actually is bad for your health. I know, I know sitting can be great to catch your breath from a sport or an exercise. In the end excessive sitting is bad, if you do have to sit, sit with your knees and feet at a 90 degree angle and with your back straight.

On the 1% chance that a druggie is reading this DONT DO DRUGS. Sugar (although fatting) is an alternative for drugs. Something that drugs and sugar have in common is dopamine (pleasure). But sugar never fades away. With drugs you can’t get that full sensation anymore well with sugar you always do it doesn’t level out. DONT DO DRUGS OR SUGAR but if you are a druggie do sugar instead.

Do you live with stress? If you do it is very bad for you. It can cause inflammation and diseases. What stress does is it destroys connections in the brain and that can be dangerous. It can later have a big negative impact on later life. Cure: meditation, exercise.

Smoking is a terrible thing to do. It destroys lungs and lives. It can cause cancer and other terrible things. The best cure is to stop smoking. Second hand smoking is bad Because the smoke that comes out from the end still has chemicals in it so it is just like some one else smoking with you. Side note: STOP SMOKING.

Pain killers are killers. Number one; they can be addicting and two; if you overdose you can DIE. There are other ways to cancel out pain like herbs and stuff like that. If you do your research you’ll know what herbs to buy to numb the pain.

Do you play video games? If so you know how important controllers are. Without them you couldn’t play. Same thing with enzymes. Enzymes are the remote controller for your body. Foods like veggies are loaded with them. What they do is DESTROY bad cells.

Kale, carrots, broccoli, dark leafy greens-what do these all have in common? VEGGIES! Kale actually has more and better calcium than milk. The milk excuse doesn’t work any more. Carrots actually help you see in the dark. Broccoli is just good for you.

Sprouts are great and better for you than store-bought veggies or fruits. one reason is the nutrients are lost in store bought vegetables and can not be gained back. Another reason is it could have chemicals that make it look but not be good for you

To pick a sprout you can’t just get any one. You have to do research and thinking. Alfalfa and sesame seeds are great, so are beans, and other things. Different sprouts do different things just do some research before you start.

I started my sprouting project today and I just soaked them. Tonight they will be soaked enough to rinse and do all of that stuff. I planted quinoa, it is black, white and brownish.

Bees are very important. They make honey which has healing properties and its yummy. Wild honey is better for you because it doesn’t have pesticides. Also it is made from a wide variety of wild flowers which gives it natural nutrition.

Exercise is more important than you would think. To exercise start with stretching in 5 second bursts, be careful and don’t go past the point of pain. You need a 12 week exercise program with intense and easy workouts.

Emotional health is important. Are you an optimist or a pessimist? This is a question you should ask yourself. Pessimists tend to get depression more than optimists. So start looking for the light pessimists.

Manners are important. You might think you know them all but you would be wrong. Do you know the proper dining set up? Use your manners daily because they make an impression, good or bad. People are watching.

Hygiene is being clean and being prepared. Think about it, you need to know what you are wearing the next day. Is it clean or dirty? Ask yourself the tremendous three. What will I wear? Is it clean and prepared? Am I clean and prepared?

Now that you know health&fitness, fight, for the right, to liiiiiiiiive in HEALTH!




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