This essay will be about 1 of the 3 civilizations that I learned about this week (Byzantium). I think that Byzantium should not have fought so many wars, I bet if they didn’t they could still be ruling.

Justinian made a specific set of rules called the code of Justinian. He thought they were fair and some people agreed but others didn’t. He built this marvelous cathedral called the Hagia Sophia.

There was series of wars that went on between Persia and Eastern Rome (Byzantium). The cause of these wars was because they couldn’t agree on what land was whos.. At its strongest Byzantium controlled all of North Africa, Italy, Greece, Asia Minor and parts of the Middle East. Byzantium lasted a year longer than the Western Roman Empire. The greatest ruler of Byzantium was Justiniah from 527-565. His collection of laws was called the code of Justiniah. A riot (Nika riot) was after him and he almost fled but he and his troops stayed and won in the end 30,000 people died in that riot.

Hericlius was the emperor after Justiniah died. The empire began to decline after this and in 800AD the emire became a country. A cool thing is greek fire, it is a fire that can burn under water and we are coming close to recreating this the Greeks used this to repel Constantinople.


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