Science lesson 31-34

Lesson 31 is the first robotics lesson because it is the start of a new unit. Robotics is the science of designing and building robots. They are awesome because they do dangerous things that people can’t. The other 3 lessons (32-34) are talking about robotics

Lesson 31
Robotics intro
In this lesson you will learn how robotics can boost your skills by electronics, mechanics, work shop, team work and programming. A robot is a device that does not need a mimics animal or human behavior and does not need a human controller and artificial intelligences is a field that people are trying to mimic human intelligence.

lesson 32
Robotics project overview
The robotics project will start in 15 lessons we will be building the RRB-bot platform.The project is in 2 parts the first and the second. For the project (if you want to build it) you can find parts here and here. Kits are great but expensive around $200+ they save time and maybe money you might want to look into the project because it is super cool. The website we will be using is

lesson 33
Robotic bot families
The main 6 categories are stationery vs. mobile, autonomous vs. teleoperated, self contained vs tethered. There is this awesome arm on the hubble space telescope that can lift 7000lbs. in space but can’t lift itself on earth. Speaking of cool electronics there is this invention that is called the walking truck that is powered by hydraulics and it is very tiering because when you move it makes it move.

lesson 34
The origin of the word robot comes from roboti which means hard labor. To make a universal gripper you watch this video here but the supplies you need are a air hose, balloon, funnel, and coffee grounds

All and all we learned about the intro to robotics, the project that i will be doing, bot families and robotic anatomy.


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