(English lesson 15 essay)

“Uhgg, I hate you!” said Michael. “Well good night.” said Michelle, his mom. “Whatever…I,I,I wish that I never had to see you again.” said Michael.

Meanwhile: “I’m sorry, mom, I took one look after another and before I knew it, I had read the whole book.” said Billy. “That is no excuse! I told you to read half of a chapter, not the whole book! I wish I didn’t have a son.” said Kelly, Billy’s mom.

The next morning when Michael and Billy woke up they weren’t in the same world, country, continent, state, or anything; but worst of all, they weren’t in the same body.

“Billy get up… NOW!” said Kelly. “Shut up! I’m not Billy, I’m Michael!” he said. “Oh and by the way, NO READING!” said Kelly

“Michael, honey, are you ready to get up?” said Michelle. “Yep. And it’s Billy” said Billy. “Also, can you do some reading today?” asked Michelle. “Would I!” said Billy happily.

The next day Billy (Michael) went out side and saw hover boards, hover cars, jet packs floating buildings and houses. Right then and there he fainted.

Meanwhile Michael (Billy) saw cars driving on the roads people having to walk. Billy didn’t like it, so he went back inside and… BOOM! Frying pan to the head.

When they woke up, they where back in their own time. From then on, they ALWAYS listened to their parents.


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