Dracula’s Mentor

Write a one to two page essay on the following topic:
The early church fathers shaped the early church by their teachings and the example of their lives. Who is someone you know who has shaped you by their teachings or example? Explain why this person has had such an important impact on you life.

But since today is Halloween I’m going to change it to “how this person impacted Dracula’s life.”

“Where are we going now Mr. Man?” asked Drac.
“How many times do I have to tell you? Call me Boogie Man!” said Boogie.
“Sorry, I’m just so exited for my first day of training.” said Drac.
“Well, you should be because today I’m going to teach you how to fly. But first sign here… here… and here…” said Boogie.

Boogie and Drac climbed up to the top of a fifty foot tower and Boogie through Drac off. Drac was falling and falling and falling  until-Poof! A large cloud of dirt exploded. Ten minutes later Drac, along with his mom (Miley Cyrus) and dad (Jeffery Dahmer) were in the famous V.O.S.T hospital, or Vampires Only Specialty Treatment.

“Is he going to be okay doctor?” asked Miley.
“Well there is bad news and good news, what would you like to hear first?” asked the doctor.
“The good news.” said Jeffery.
“I just now found 50 big ones! Oh, and your son can be healed if you pay me… or after 5-10 centuries. The bad news is it will be 700,000 dollars each century you want to knock off the time.” said the doctor.
“Well, we only have $1,800,000.”said Miley and Jeffrey at the same time.
“Well, we can take that and knock off 2.5 centuries off his time in a coma.” said the doctor.

The 700 years it took to get Drac up from his coma went by fast. In that time they fired Boogie, sued the place that had that huge tower for every thing they owned and made the land much safer so something like that never happens again.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” said Drac the day he woke up from his coma. “Don’t do it!”
“What is it honey, what happened?” asked Miley.
“The day that boogie pushed, me he told me that he would’ve killed for that to happen to him instead of me and then I blacked out. How long has it been since then?” Asked Drac. “700 years.” Said Jeffrey.
“Well I need to tell you something, he didn’t kill and it didn’t happen to him so now I’ll kill him.” said Drac.

To be continued.


“Drac how did it make you feel when you got thrown off of that tower?” I asked.
“Terrible! Who would do such a thing? I was only 100 years old.” said Drac.
“So would you say you are now an emo vamp or still a warm-hearted vamp?” I asked.
“Part way both because now I have a beautiful daughter and a grand son who is half human but he definitely impacted my life and everything I have done.” said Drac.
“Interesting so you have started a life because of this experience?” I asked.
“Yes I realized that you can not live forever, even vamps can’t.” said Drac.
“Ok well lets give our interviewer a round of applause.” I said.




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