Tom Sawyer

      This week in English we talked about plot development points. The exposition, the rising action, the climax, the falling action and the resolution. This book report is on Tom Sawyer. I will be talking about the plot points in the story in order.

      The exposition is where the characters are introduced. In this case it is in the very beginning of the book. It reads: Tom Sawyer- a kid full of spunk,  Aunt Polly-Toms aunt, Sid Sawyer- Toms half brother, Cousin Mary- Toms cousin and etc. with all of the characters.

      The rising action builds tension towards the climax. The rising action starts in this particular story when Joe kills the doctor and blames it on Potter. The middle of the rising action is when Huck and Tom find Joe with a lot of money, and then they find more buried. The end (or the beginning of the climax) is when Huck over hears Joe talking to his partner, saying something that sounds like they are going to kill Widow Douglas.

      The Climax is when ultimate tension is reached. The climax is very similar to the rising action. As I stated, the plan with Widow Douglas was carried out and the result was…

      The falling action resolves the tension. The plan with Widow Douglas was a FAIL. It went down like this: the Welshman ran over to her house, guns in hand, and in an instant guns were being fired and it scared the criminals off.

      The resolution is the conclusion. In the words of the author, the story ends because if it didn’t the author would be writing about a man not a boy.


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