Science lessons 16-19

In science lessons 16-19 we learned a lot about electronics and crystal radios. Lesson 16 was on soldering. Lesson 17 was on Arduino. Lesson 18 was on electronic test equipment. Lesson 19 was on how a crystal radio works.

In lesson 16 we learned that welding is melting metal together and letting it dry, soldering is melting metal off of wire to make an electric connection. The tools you will need are here and a wire that needs fixing.

In lesson 17 we learned about Arduino. Arduino is a tool that allows you to “play” with technology. Arduino is super cool in fact a group of people made a critter cam to take a picture when movement is sensed. To get Arduino click here to get the safe software click here

In lesson 18 we talked about electric test equipment. An oscilloscope is a device that measures an electric signal. A multimeter measures ohms, volts, amps and watts. The multimeter is better than something like an ohmmeter that only measures ohms.

In lesson 19 we talked about how crystal radios work. A crystal radio is complex. First  radio waves travel through the antenna down to one coil which gives off a magnetic wave which hits another coil, the tuning coil. The tuning coil has a tuning slide which can slide to tune. Close to the tuner is a capacitor that is connected to a diode then goes through an ear piece. finally it goes up and around to earth ground like this



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