History Lessons 6-9

India had mountains and plains in early times the main 2 civilizations were Harappa and Mohenjo-Dara. India had TONS of rules and regulations for example suttee, child marriage and caste system. Gupta dynasty took over in 320AD and the ruler was Chandragupta II.

China had the Himalayas in the south the Gobi dessert in the north and rivers and valleys in the core also china had a large coast line. China had 5 major dynasties. They were Xia (no records), Shang (had organized cities, cruel king and slaves), Zhou (no established kings), Qin (strong government, brutal slaves, Great Wall of China) and Han (reunited country, increased territory of China).

There were 2 civilizations that developed in North Americas the Hopewell and the Anasazi the Hopewell buried their dead in huge burial mounds. The Anasazi built homes called pueblos (villages). the biggest building in North America was the Pyramid of the Sun.

The Celts were the most populous group in Europe. The Celts left no records what we know about them came from the Romans. In my opinion the coolest thing about the Nazcas were their drawing click here to see a humming bird  here to see a spider  here to see a monkey.



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