Science Lessons 11-14

This blog post is dedicated to lessons 11-14. Eleven is on semiconductors and diodes.Twelve is on transistors. Thirteen is on integrated circuit. Fourteen is on schematics diagrams.

In lesson 11 we learned what a diode does, what a semiconductor does and why a diode is needed for a crystal radio. A diode is an electric device that allows current to flow in only one direction. A semiconductor is an element that is usually an insulator but is turned into a conductor with the proper amount of volts. A diode is important for a crystal radio because regular waves are alternating and a crystal radio needs direct current and a diode can do that.

In lesson 12 we learned the primary benefits of a transistor and what the electrical contact for the positive and negative junction of a transistor is called. One of the benefits of a transistor is a transistor turns a circuit on and off like 35000 times a minute. The positive junction is called the gate the negative is the source and the drain.

In lesson 13 we learned what an integrated circuit is and what it is made of. An integrated circuit is a set of circuits on one small semiconductor material. A integrated circuit is manly composed of silicon.

There are multiple links for schematic symbols here is one. Schematic diagram are used to help build electronics because instead of drawing each component they can just draw the symbols.

In conclusion building electronic components is hard.




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