History Lessons 1-5

Lesson 1 – Intro

Lesson 1 was the intro and  it talked about what we will be doing for example; the history course will cover 500AD-600AD. We are required to write an essay (like this one) every 5th day because it is the glue that holds everything together chronologically. The trigger event is like a gun once you pull the trigger that action can NEVER be taken back. The reason for the world tour is so we can understand what is going on outside of the place we are studying. The 4 MOST important points the I will be learning about in each lesson is; geography of each civilization, scientific or other intellectual advancements, chronology of events in Europe as they relate. The definition of history (in my teachers opinion) is “history is the work of God and will in time and space.”

Lesson 2 – World tour (Middle east)

  • Babylon was the strongest empire at its peak
  • Babylon was soon conquered by Persia
  • During the 1500 years from 1000BC-500AD most of the Middle East was ruled by
    *Alexander the Great
    there are few remaining marks of these empires


  • Founded by Muhammad


  • Science
    *clock & base 60 (time)
  • Diet
  • *fish
  • There are 100 solders in a Century (type of army) the leader is called the centurion

    Lesson 3 – World Tour (Greece)

  • Greece was made up of the Minoans who were peaceful and the Mycenaean who were war-like
  • Minoans owned the island of Cyrus  for some time
  • Greeks began on the coast but difficult weathers  made them move
  • The Dorians created the language Greek
  • Greeks began trading and colonizing throughout the Mediterranean
  • the colonies that were established each had their own government
  • The city states often worked toward common goals but were loosely connected politically.  Eventually democracy began in Athens.  The Greek states all joined forces when threatened by Persia
  • The biggest rivalry was between  Athens and Sparta

    Lesson 4 – World Tour (Africa)

  • The Nile River is the LONGEST river
  • Africa includes every type of climate except tundra


    *Ruled by pharaohs for most of existence
    *Golden age was marked by the defeat of the Hytsos
    *After Alexander the Great the Ptolemimies ruled Egypt for nearly 300 years
    *Cleopatra VII was the last sovereign ruler of Egypt before the Romans


    *South of Egypt
    *Mostly free of Egypt


    *Began around 500BC
    *Ruled by a strong line of kings


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