First Post: An Essay About Radio Waves

This essay is for science; it is about electronics and radio. There are 3 lessons; the first of the three lessons is intro to radio, the second is electromagnet energy and the third is radio waves. There are also instructions on how to build a crystal radio and a quiz

There are 2 things we will discuss. 1st is: What is radio and benefits about learning about radio. Radio is an electronic device that controls or manipulates electrons.

  1. The benefits of learning about radio is
    – If you learn enough you can become an amateur radio operator
    – There are jobs out there that you have to learn about radios to get in
  2. I found this chart that covers a portion of my notes. To see it click here
  3. Radio wave propagation includes alternating and direct current.
    -Radio waves travel with line of sight, ground wave and sky wave.
    -Ionosphere is the lower level of the magnetosphere.
  4. Watch this  video to find out how to build a crystal radio. It is the same video I watched.
  5. If you can answer these questions, I have taught you well. What is a benefit of learning about radio? How long is an MF wave? The ionosphere is the lower level of the _____________. Email me or comment the answers.



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